Employee Appreciation Ideas In A Hybrid Work Environment

The success of your business is tied with employees who feel valued and appreciated. Creating a positive culture at your work space is important for employee satisfaction and it matters now more than ever.
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What Is The Future Of The Workplace?

The engagement and performance of the workforce must be the biggest priority of any team leader or employer. Hybrid workplaces are becoming the new normal and are definitely not going anywhere in the future.

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Why Hybrid?

Studies have found an increase in job satisfaction and motivation reported by remote employees. Up to 13% increase in performance by working from home.

  A total of 40% of the workforce was working from home during the lockdown in Canada. Despite all the challenges in recent years the happiness index of remote workers is still higher than the people who work in offices. Companies have also come to the realization that employees can provide positive results while working remotely.

Showing up at the same office from 9-5 isn’t necessary to produce great results!

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Recent study shows that 74% of Canadian employers believe that allowing people to work remotely increases productivity by at least 20%.

Key benefits of remote work

  •         Flexibility and work life balance
  •         Cost effective
  •         Time management
  •         Attract more talent
  •         Comfortable work environment
  •         Improved mental health
  •         Improved work satisfaction

Myth: Work performance can only be achieved in a physical office building.

Reality:  77% of Remote and hybrid workers reported an increase in productivity level and comparatively higher rate of engagement. 

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How to engage employees in a hybrid work environment? 

Remote work culture is not limited to only a few companies anymore. During the pandemic it has become a normal way of work all around the globe. Besides having many benefits there are still some challenges involved for the employer to keep the work force active and engaged for the overall success of the organization.


Here are some ideas that can help the team leader to introduce an inclusive culture at work!

  •          Stay in touch with the remote workers on a regular basis to keep a check on their mental and physical wellbeing.
  •          Encourage and support them to share ideas and input about the project and make their opinion feel valued.
  •          Help the employees to stay connected and Organize team meetings to provide them a chance to get to know each other.
  •          Facilitate the team with the best source of communication for the clarity of work.
  •          Encourage the remote employees to take regular breaks for healthy work habits.
  •          Introduce the reward system to recognize every small effort your team is making for the success of your organization.

Why Employee Recognition?

Many companies offer discount codes or e-gift cards on holidays or events as employee appreciation gifts, but they admit that most of the time employees forget to acknowledge or use them because of the busy digital work load. The basic purpose of the employee appreciation programs should be to let someone realize that you appreciate them and their efforts are being valued as an important member of the team. Sending a simple digital gift card fails to get the return on investment and to deliver the message of gratitude which is required to make someone feel valued.

Companies with an effective employee appreciation program have stronger chances of positive business outcome compared to ones without it.

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Statistics show that 92% of employees get encouraged to repeat the same hard work if they are properly recognized!

Many big companies have leveled up their employee appreciation program by sending personalized gifts to their employees’ physical addresses. Delivering a custom gift with a handwritten note card sends a message of connectivity and gives a sense of being physically present in today’s remote and digital work environment.

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Corporate gifts play a huge role in employee engagement and satisfaction. 85% of HR leaders agree that employee appreciation gifts bring positive changes to their company’s work environment.

Let us know how you show your remote team members or employees that you value their hard work? Gifts are a powerful tool of appreciation when words are not enough. By creating a proper employee/client gifting strategy you can take a step forward towards achieving your business goals efficiently and on time while providing job satisfaction to your workforce!

Our team at Mint & Co can deliver meaningful and personalized employee appreciation gifts by sourcing items from businesses who support your values. Fill out our contact us form or email us with your ideas. We would love to work on your next corporate gifting project!



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